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  • Website of the Starling Clas Association
  • Website of the Starling Clas Association
  • Website of the Starling Clas Association
  • Website of the Starling Clas Association
  • Website of the Starling Clas Association
  • Website of the Starling Clas Association
  • Website of the Starling Clas Association

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Welcome to the Starling Class Website

2014 Parua Bay Nationals

The focus of Starling sailing is now shifting to the Parua Bay Nationals. See below for the files you need.

Parua Bay NOR

Sailing Instructions

Lunch and T Shirt Orders 

Annual General Meeting Papers

 AGM Agenda 2014

SCA AGM 2013 Minutes

Chairman's Report 2014

 Financial Statements 2013

See elsewhere for the Measurement Declaration.




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February 2014 Update

Changes to the Class Rules
The rule changes which were the subject of the class ballot have now been approved by Yachting NZ. They become effective on 1st February and will apply to future Starling events.

Northland Champs

The Northland Champs are being run out of the Bay Of Islands YC in Waitangi. Optimists are included in the regatta for those two class families.

2014 Nationals at Parua Bay

Whangarei Cruising Club are well organised, but do need some more helpers to ensure it runs smoothly. If you can offer some assistance, particularly with results processing, or have a VHF or RIB you can make available, please make contact at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

On the WCC website  you will find the NOR with its entry form. Make sure you get your entry in early and make sure you have sent all the information quested. There is always a last minute panic to obtain copies of Measurement certificates or proof of Club Membership. DO NOT SEND INCOMPLETE ENTRIES as this just creates more work for the organisers. In recent years there have been less than 50% of entries were complete and it just isn't necessary. The The NOR mentions that entries maybe paid by internet banking but it does not have the a/c details which are -: Whangarei Cruising Club   06 0493 0005626 00  Remember to put the boat number in the details. 

Also on the website is the Measurement declaration. This is a class requirement. Once again dont leave it to the last minute. There will be plenty of post race measurement to make sure boats are being sailed in "class trim" and as at previous events the SCA scales will be available to check your boat prior to racing. Clubs could help by organising a Nationals entry evening  and get these things ticked off.
Development Fleet
Parua Bay is an ideal venue for a National development fleet event. Those Starling sailors with National's experience need to encourage prospective Starling sailors to come to this event. They may not even receive these newsletters so they are relying on you to pass on the information. This year will prove or disprove the need for a development fleet. There is quite a lot of work to organise a separate course.
SCA    AGM     The AGM will be held at Parua Bay on 25th April at 6.00pm. Please keep this time clear so you can attend the meeting. We endeavour to keep the boring stuff to a minimum, leaving more time to discuss matters we are all interested in.
Richard Brown
SCA President

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2014 Starling NI Champs

Over 70 boats made the trip north for the NI Starling Champs for 2014. Pictures can be found on Look under the centreboarders/regatta tab.

Starling NI Champs 2014 Results




Starling Rules Ballot Result


The Starling ballot has closed and below are the results as received   from returns representing 52 respondents. There were two voters not listed as   registered Starling owners and another two voters who voted twice. The final   results represent those in favour from the 50 valid returns. All proposed   amendments received support in excess of the required two third majority, so   come into force as rules on 1 November 2013.

Rule 3

Rule Amendment Voting Procedure

96% in favour

Rule 8.11

Maximum Ballast Weight

88% in favour

Rule 13.2

Boom sail track rewording

96% in favour

Rule 13.17

Mast Evaluation Option

92% in favour

Rule 15.17

Sail Evaluation Option

925 in favour

Rule 16.1

Electronic Aids

92% in favour

 Update Rules Appear Here

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2013-14 Update

Richard Brown Reports......
Important Dates for the coming season!
Winter champs - Murrays Bay October 4th, 5th and 6th
Hibiscus Coast Regatta  Manly October 12th
Sir Peter Blake - Torbay - December 7th and 8th
Wakatere Junior Regatta - Wakatere December 14th
North Island Champs - Parua Bay January 18th and 19th  Notice of Race
National Match Racing championship  Glendowie BC Jan 21-23  Notice of Race
Auckland Champs - Kohimarama January 25th, 26th and 27th
Junior Sail Auckland - Kohimarama February 8th and 9th
Northland champs - Bay of Islands YC - March 8th and 9th
Maraetai centreboard Regatta - March 29th
National champs - Parua Bay - April 24th - 27th    Nationals Entry Declaration
Well judging by the weather this last weekend, summer is here and sailing has started. I am sure however that spring still has some nasty stuff to send us before we can really say that. The first regatta in the Northern Traveller series has just been completed at Murrays Bay's winter champs where once again the Starling fleet was second in size only to the Open Opti fleet. 32 Starlings was a reasonable increase on the same event last year so perhaps we are in for a bumper summer. Its also good to see so many ex Starling sailors in the youth classes. Its always sad to lose Starling sailors but if they pop up in the 420s, 29ers, Lasers Radial or even the Boards I feel the class has fulfilled its main purpose of bridging the gap between Optis and Youth classes.
The Traveller series points table is attached. Just remember first place gets 30 pts, second 29 and so on down to 20th place which gets 10pts as do all the rest of the places. So you get 10 points just for turning up. This is the same for all regattas in the series except the North Islands which score x 1.5 so first place gets 45 points and so on. The final placings are taken on the best 6 scores and it really really pays to go to the NIs.
The next event in the Northern traveller series is at Manly Sailing Club on Whangaparaoa Peninsular just on Saturday October 12th. Since I live at Manly I will probably see some of you there. This is also the venue for the Opti Nationals at Easter so we can expect a good turn out from them.
As most of you will be aware the class is currently carrying out a poll of all registered Starling owners in order to carry out some relatively minor changes to the class rules. You need to return your voting paper by no later than the end of October.
At the AGM in Picton at our last Nationals we were asked to try and provide some tuning guides to help those who are not able to attend the various coaching clinics. It was hoped to accumulate some special tips on what makes a Starling go fast. Unfortunately my appeal for these has provided not one single tip but I have had the article by John Clinton and courtesy of MacKay boats pointed out to me. It contains a lot of useful information which if you dont know it already you will find very useful. I think the most important things about preparing a boat is attention to detail. If a shackle pin comes loose and your mast falls down it can slow your boat quite a lot and make a significant difference to your results, though I have seen a sailor put it back up and carry on. No amount of tweeking is going to replace attention to detail. When you are sailing make sure the boat is a dry as you can keep it. The weight of a sponge is much less than a couple of litres of water in the bottom. Bale it out before the start.'" href="" target="_blank">"> I am attaching a draft Notice of Race for the Starling Match Racing at Glendowie in January as part of the Northern Starling week. Most of the information has been sent out previously but this is the formal document. The final document will be placed on the website soon but I dont expect many changes if any. Entries must be in by Dec 14th although there will still be time to nominate your sailor if you have not finished trials. On the NOR you will find the name of a person in your region who is responsible for organising trials to select your representative. If you need more information contact them direct.

The Northern Starling week starts with the North Island champs at Parua Bay on the 18-19 January. The match racing is 21-23 January followed by a YNZ Starling clinic on the 23rd and 24th and the Auckland Champs on the 25th-27th over Anniversary weekend at Kohi. The Northern Starling week has been exceptionally well attended being in the school holidays for the last couple of years, so start planning to make the most of it this year. If you wish to attend the clinic you need to send me your details. There are limited places and its first come first served. There will be NO late entries to this, no matter how much you moan.
We are particularly keen to encourage Development or Green fleet sailors and the NI champs at Parua Bay will be a great opportunity to get a feel for the Nationals in advance. If there are any sailors who are unsure what attending either the NIs or the Nationals entails feel free to contact me and I will try and answer your questions.
Just a heads up for everyone anticipating attending the nationals - there will be no on site measuring so you need to make sure you have a current measuring certificate. If your boat has previously been measured, and it will in most cases, then a measuring certificate will have been issued. The current rules require you to get a new one when the boat changes hands. There is a simple process for doing that (not involving any measuring) set out under "admin" on the class website. These certificates have been known as A certificates and ownership certificates. They are all the same thing.
In addition you will be required to complete a measurement declaration to say that your boat still measures. We had a bit of trouble with this last nationals so this time you are going to have to take a few very simple measurements and enter them on your declaration. A copy of the proposed declaration is attached so you can see what you have to do
I will be the Race Officer for both the NIs and the Nationals. For the benefit of the less experienced sailors I propose a Race Officers briefing before the Start of the nationals. The idea is to give some clues to those not used to sailing in such a big fleet how to approach the start and some ideas about rules, and penalties and how to avoid them. Flag U will be in use so if you dont know what that is all about ask your coach.  

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