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  • Website of the Starling Clas Association
  • Website of the Starling Clas Association
  • Website of the Starling Clas Association
  • Website of the Starling Clas Association
  • Website of the Starling Clas Association
  • Website of the Starling Clas Association
  • Website of the Starling Clas Association

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Welcome to the Starling Class Website

April Blog #1

Official Chief measurer Brian Peet has asked me to forward the following message


The measurement status for all boats can now be viewed on the class web page. On the Class Administration index, click on Measurement Status and a list of every boat measured can be viewed. The provision of a 'A' against the boat indicates it once passed an initial full measurement process and is deemed a Starling for the purposes of entering regional and National championships. The original weight is shown as well as correctors (if required) and the number of individual pieces these correctors comprise. This is historical information and is not to be taken as proof of current rule compliance.  It remains the owner's responsibility to ensure the boat and its equipment remains within the current requirements of the class rules.

If a boat doesn't have a 'A' then it has never been measured. If it doesn't have a weight recorded, then it was most likely over the minimum 41kg at initial measuring.


If your boat once had weights and now doesnt there is of course the possibility that it is now under weight. All boats have to be check weighed prior to the start of Racing at the Nationals in 2 weeks time. You will need to leave a bit of time for this (sailors travelling up from the Opti Nationals take special note - you wont have much time).. SCA proposes to maintain an up to date database of boats weights and any "make weights" so that they can be easily monitored.


116 Entries to the nationals so far - a great turn out once again. Have you checked your entry's status on the New Plymouth Yacht Clubs website under "regatta docs" It always amazes me how so many people fail to get it right first time.


Richard Brown


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March Blog #2

Below are the various papers including those for the SCA  AGM which is to be held at 1800 on 10th April at NPYC. Please make an effort to be there.

Match Racing

Amongst the papers you will find 3 relating to the Starling Match Racing. There are the proposed rules for our national event proposed regions for 2016 and a document designed to encourage clubs to run match racing events as leaders to the Nationals. This will be discussed at the AGM

AGM 1800 on 10th April at NPYC

You will find the agenda, copies of the last minutes, a set of accounts for the period,  ending 31st August 2014 and my chairman's report. A copy of these papers will be available to view on request at the nationals but I suggest you bring your own copy to the meeting. Time has passed for submitting remits but items for Other Business can be submitted at any time.


I would just mention that in the listed assets are the figures, $5312 - Deposit - Mackay boats, and $10,000 Grants not spent. Since the end of our financial year those have been converted to the 2 new boats, used for the match racing. We are enormously grateful to Garry Hughes for once again looking after our financials

Traveller series

Following the Northland champs the traveller series has been updated. Congratulations to BoI SC for getting in 7 races in what was obviously challenging conditions. The fight for top places amongst the girls has got no clearer and its all down to the last event, Maraetai centreboard regatta on Saturday March 28. I will be shortly contacting all the Traveller series regatta host clubs to try and confirm dates for next year, in order to avoid clashes with other events. If you already know your preferred dates I would appreciate you advising me.

Sail sale

We dont usually do "sales" in these newsletters but Brian Peet knows someone who has an unused sail for sale for $700

See you in New Plymouth

Richard Brown

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March Blog #1

Following the Junior Sail Auckland at Kohi the Traveller series points have been updated. Its incredibly close between a group of girls near the top

This weekend is the Northern Champs in the Bay of Islands. They have lined up some pretty impressive prizes and dont forget there is a special discount rate at the Copthorne right next door to the club. This is the second to last Traveller series event and an opportunity to leap up the score board. Starlings are increasing in strength in the Bay and they are supporting the regattas further south so please support them in a great location.

On Saturday 14th is the girls champs at Kohi. I mention that because in an earlier email I rambled on about how we were going to deal with the fact that it clashed with Maraetai's centreboard regatta. Fortunately that will not be necessary because it doesnt. Dates had been changed and I was unaware of the change

I have also been informed by Wayne Holdt that a Starling clinic will be held at Worser Bay in conjunction with the Opti Nationals April 3-5. If you have a younger sibling who is sailing and you want to take your Starling too this is a great opportunity. Its open to anyone even if you are not involved with the Optis. Entry form is attached

Finally a reminder that the SCA AGM is at the nationals on April 10th Please keep that evening free so you can contribute to the discussion, and a reminder the association needs to find a new Chairman as I intend to stand down to give someone else a chance.

Richard Brown

Starling Opti Nationals Clinic    Traveller Series, March   2015 BOI Interschool Regatta NOR

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Feb 2015 Blog

Traveller series update

The Auckland champs, run over Auckland Anniversary weekend in conjunction with the Opti Auckland champs, saw a total of 237 entries with 75 of those being Starlings. That is a huge jump from last years 55 Starlings which in itself was a great turnout. The Traveller Series is now up to 6 events old and from the next event, Junior Sail Auckland at Kohi Feb 14-15 discards will kick in. For those who dont know the rules, there are 9 events spread throughout the Northern part of the North Island but including the NI champs wherever that is held. 30 points are awarded to first place, 29 to second and so on down to 20th which gets 10 points as do the rest of the fleet, just for turning up. The NI champs is the exception which gets x 1.5 points, so first = 45, second = 43.5 and so on. With 3 drops out of the 9 event series there is plenty of scope to miss an event or two but still stand a good chance of doing well. 

Leading at present and looking hard to beat is Josh Armit who has sailed in each event so far and has only dropped a single point from the maximum possible. Not bad for his first year in Starlings. I note the groups of girls who are having a battle within the battle. This could make for an exciting end to the season.



Northland regatta

After the Junior Sail Auckland is the Northland regatta (March 7-8) and the NOR is attached. Note there are reduced rates at the Copthorne if you mention the regatta. The policy of holding a Traveller series regatta in the North seems to be paying off with increasing numbers of Starlings appearing in that part of the World. I would encourage you all to make the trip. 


Girls champs and Maraetai regatta

The final event in the series is the one day regatta at Maraetai on March 28th. This clashes with the date of the Auckland girls champs at Kohi, and so by prior arrangement we have a formula to combine the two events, so that the girls do not miss out by going to either event. It works like this -:

Prior to the day the points of the Traveller series are reviewed to see where the girls are placed. Girls attending the Girls champs are awarded to those places. So if the situation is that in the Traveller series girls are in say 3rd, 7th, 13th and 19th places, then from the Girls champs 1st place will get points as if they had finished 3rd at Maraetai, second will get points for 7th, third will get points for 13th and so on. The boys will be redistributed accordingly. Dont worry if you dont understand, just leave it to me.



Another statistic from the Traveller series is that 127 sailors have sailed in one or more of these regattas. Add in a few more from the South Island, lower NI, or have only just got into their Starlings and we have a potentially very big Nationals coming up. Please also encourage your green fleeters - oops sorry "development fleet sailors" to come to New Plymouth where they will be sailing on an inner course


AGM of the SCA

This is official advice that the AGM of the SCA will be held on the evening of April 10th at NPYC. Please make the effort to attend. Relevant papers will be sent out nearer the time including any remits submitted. Please note I will be standing down as Chairman of the SCA as It is time for someone else to have their input. If you have some good ideas on how to advance the Starling class please put up your hand or if you prefer, get in touch with me to find out what is involved. We will also need up to 12 committee members. Whilst enthusiasm for the class is the main criteria I would prefer not to see a large number from one club or even region. The way to stop that is to put up your hand. 


Lets hope this great sailing weather continues.


Traveller Series Latest    Bay of Islands Regatta - Interschool and Traveller Series



Richard Brown


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January 2015 #2 Blog

The Starling class has a new National Champion. Congratulations to Matthew Wylie representing Canterbury winner of the National Match Racing championship.

With the new format and almost perfect sailing conditions from 3 kts to 15kts and everything in between we sailed 150 races over 3 days. That was 2 round robins of 12 competitors and a finals series which involved all the sailors. Just at the end the wind went silly and we didn't quite finish the full programme but by then everyone had sailed at least 22 races and that seemed enough.

At the end of the 2 round robins, Jason Hewitt on his third visit to this competition representing Waikato, was narrowly ahead of Jeremy Mitchell (N Harbour) on count back. Jason picked Matthew as his semi finals opposition, which turned out to be the wrong decision because Matthew beat him in the first two races. The other semi, between Jeremy and Nick Gardiner from Nelson Marlborough was also settled in two races.

In the final Matthew beat Jeremy 3:1 and in the petite final Jason beat Nick 2:1

Glendowie laid on a great event. They are to be congratulated for taking on this championship and giving it their special brand of hospitality and welcome. Its a great venue with sailing close to the huge club deck from which spectators could watch the action.

The class is indebted and grateful to the umpires, Mike Alison, Roger Purdy, Tim Short and Hamish Hay for generously giving their time and experience. Without them there would be no event and yet none of them have children directly involved in the class. Sadly from within the class we had no volunteers to help with umpiring and this is a topic for another time.

Thank you also to Brian Peet who once again provided 6 boats, all highly competitive with the absolute minimum of equipment problems. This doesnt come without considerable time and effort by Brian to whom, once again, the class owes a huge debt.

I should just mention that Zoe Bennett (Wellington) and Charlotte Porter (Auckland) were both taken ill during the event. Zoe returned but Charlotte ended up in hospital. We would not want you to think their results were typical and our sympathies go to Charlotte in particular and we trust you will be well soon.

Mat Connolly from Glendowie was a last minute stand in when the girls were unable to sail and made a very worthy substitute but unfortunately his results did not count.


So Matthew is the recipient of the Caltex Cup and one of the new Starling Crystals and the other results were as follows.

2nd Jeremy Mitchel (N Harb)

3rd  Jason Hewitt (Waikato)

4th Nick Gardiner (Nel / Marl)

5th Shae Donahue (Northland)

6th Fergus Frame (wild card representing the South Island)

7th Rick Sanders (South)

8th Tom Maidment (BoP)

9th Cameron Wright (wild card representing North Island)

10th William Pitt (Taranaki)

11th Charlotte Porter (Auckland)

12th Zoe Bennett (Wellington)

I recently asked for feedback on the match racing event format and timing. So far I have had three replies. It appeared to us that the standard is rising with many more match racing skills on display this year. We hope it indicates increased interest in Match Racing around the country even if its only for the trails. We would love to get more feedback so that we can capitalise on this great foundation. Several people told me at Glendowie that match racing is not popular with some sailors because they are unsure of what happens, or that it seems too aggressive. Once you grasp the concept that it is about using the rules to gain a tactical advantage and not just a boat race it all becomes more acceptable. I am sure the sailors who attended the debrief after the racing each day have gone home with an increased knowledge of the rules, something they will be able to use in their fleet racing too. If anyone would like guidance on organising match racing at your club then please feel free to ask. The beauty is it only take 2 boats to make a competition and 50% of the competitors in any race are winners - something some sailors may have never done. It can all be done within a few 100 metres of the club with minimal race management.


Finally a reminder that entries for the Auckland Championship at Wakatere close tomorrow or you will pay the late entry fee. Its going to be BIG!


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